Daniele Guerini is a singer-songwriter born in Turin in 1988. He has always loved British rock and Britpop of the nineties and the melodies of the immortal Beatles and Oasis. As for the Italian artists, he has always declared admirer of the unforgettable Lucio Battisti. Central, in his lyrics never dull and never predictable, is the intense attention to daily reality. In the artistic production of Daniele Guerini cross the rock more severe and agreements sweetest, madness and reason, the light and the dark, the many contradictions and dead ends of the human mind. In May 2014 he published the album "Il Senso Delle Scelte" with texts in Italian and pure sound British. Welcomed by critics, this work is the focus of an intense promotion campaign including radio, press and TV and sees Daniele at work in live performance with the band and in acoustic version.

“From Turin a complete immersion in the brit pop classic, what Oasis and Paul Weller before, Noel Gallagher, Beady Eye then have been and continue to remain the undisputed masters. The ten songs of "The Meaning Of Choices" start at the precise coordinates. The album is very nice, well arranged songs and compositions of high quality. Highly recommended.”

Between 2013 and 2014 Daniele has participated in several events and several dates around Turin and in northern Italy (clubs such as LAB, Caffè Del Progresso, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Limo in the City; cities like Milan, Alassio, La Spezia, Alessandria and Mantova). He got victories in various local competitions including one in Collisioni Festival (Barolo, IT), which saw him on stage in electric version with the band in the lineup with internationally renowned artists. In May 2014 he opened the concert of the singer Roberto Casalino, author for Universal's hit songs written for performers such as Marco Mengoni, Giorgia, Emma and Giusy Ferreri.

His 2015 live season starts with the sold out for the presentation of the videoclip of the single "Vieni Con Me", second single from "Il Senso Delle Scelte", at Blah Blah in Turin and continues with the release of a live album entitled "Fuori e Dentro da Questo Suono" which includes the energy brit-rock of many dates and public participation that follows the path of the singer with great respect and affection.

In February 2016 he published the third single from " Il Senso Delle Scelte", the solemn and universal ballad "Nei giorni di Gloria": the official video clip of the song, filmed in the prestigious location of the Palavela - inaugurated during the Olympic Games in Turin in 2006 - is, in a short time, achieving excellent results on Youtube channel. Daniele Guerini is currently working on new unreleased material .

In September 2017 officially begins the collaboration with the record label ENGINE RECORDS. The new video clip of the single ANIMA NERA, released on December 8, 2017, quickly exceeds 10,000 views on YouTube and gets several local television spots, the attention of newspapers with excellent reviews and the rotation on the important Radio Jukebox. After FANTASMI, published in April 2018, the new single will be available in all digital stores on December 7th: L'AMORE ANNULLA OGNI ADDIO.